Olympus Evis Exera II CV-180


As part of the innovative Olympus Single Balloon Enteroscope (SBE) System, the EVIS EXERA II SIF-Q180 small intestinal videoscope enables effective enteroscopy procedures with its simple setup and clinical efficiency. With high-resolution images and remarkable maneuverability, it is particularly useful in complex cases. Despite its slim 9.2 mm distal end diameter, there is no compromise on superb imaging performance. In addition, a generous 2.8 mm diameter instrument channel can accommodate a range of therapeutic instruments.

Key Benefits
Deep access to the small bowel: Thanks to the innovative single-balloon design, the SIF-Q180 can reach anywhere in the small bowel via an antegrade or retrograde approach for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Outstanding imaging performance: A high-resolution CCD chip incorporated in the distal end of the scope provides high-quality images with finer detail.
Wide channel in a slim design: A generous 2.8 mm diameter channel is housed in a slim scope, measuring just 9.2 mm at its distal end with an optimized bending section to improve maneuverability and insertion.
Simple cleaning and disinfection: This scope incorporates a balloon on the splinting tube only. That means there is no need for an extra step in the cleaning process for a dedicated balloon/air channel in the scope.

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